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NAPALM DEATH's "You Suffer" Slowed Down Is An Exercise In Noisey Futility

It gets pretty interesting! Then pretty cool, then moderately interesting, and then weird.

Napalm Death's "You Suffer" was featured on the band's debut album Scum in 1987. The song has then gone on to be recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as the shortest song ever recorded, as well as confusing the shit out of the world upon its release. What the hell was grindcore in 1987?

Then MetalSucks asked an even more important question – what does the world's shortest song sound like slowed down? For starters, let's listen to the track as in its original form.

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Oh, you're still here. I thought after that whole track you'd have gotten bored and left… let's move on! The song stretched out a little bit to six or seven seconds sounds like a really drunk dude just inhaled some sulfur hexafluoride and tried to cover the song like it was a Sleep track.

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Then there's the track slowed down 800%, which is funny for two reasons. One, the song is 800% slower and it's still under 20 seconds, and two, it now sounds like the introductory ambient noise to a track that'll rip your head off.

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Now at 2,000%, the track doesn't even hit 45-seconds and is starting to sound like a Merzbow track.

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Then there's this one. This one is slowed down 800 times (not 800%) and sounds like… space noises.

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So now you know.


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